The restoration and overhaul for operation of ex-Alaska Railroad steam locomotive #557 was begun in August, 2012, and steam tests are projected to be done in 2020. $875,000 in monetary grants and individual contributions and $535,000 in in-kind contributions have been received and volunteers have invested more than 60,000 hours in returning Engine 557 to operation. Approximately $275,000 remains to be raised to complete the restoration. There are several ways you can express your support. It is important and appreciated!

  • It’s easy to donate. Donations by credit card and check are accepted!

  • You can affect how Amazon and Fred Meyer distribute their charitable contributions! Both allow customers to link their purchases to a charity of their choice, which determines the level of their charitable contributions. The more that is purchased by customers linked to the charity, the higher the contribution to the charity. Although only a few cents are designated for each purchase, a large number of 557's supporters linking their purchases to the Engine 557 Restoration Company will ensure a steady income stream. There is no cost to you and no information about you or your purchases is provided. Go to the Amazon Smile and Fred Meyer Community Rewards Programs page for more information.

    Amazon Smiles Fred Meyer Community Rewards

  • Purchase No. 557 merchandise. All the profit from 557 merchandise purchased in the Alaska Railroad Gift Shop is donated to the restoration of Engine 557. Available now are 557 pins, 557 locomotive pins, patches, and baseball hats.
  • "Extra 557 Returning prints." The Engine 557 Restoration Company commissioned well-known artist J. Craig Thorpe to produce a painting portraying 557 as an Extra rounding the bend at M.P 68, while pulling an excursion train in 1950. Signed, numbered, limited edition prints and unnumbered giclee prints on canvas are available. All profits go towards 557’s restoration.
  • Support our in-kind sponsors. As of February, 2018, over 50 businesses have provided donated goods and services valued in excess of $535,000. Without their support, the final cost for the restoration would be nearly doubled. See the list of in-kind sponsors and give them your support.

  • Thanks to the foundations, firms, and individuals which have provided major support. Not all of them want to be recognized, but here is a list of major donors who will allow us to thank them publicly.
  • Volunteer. Our volunteers are an integral part of the project. To date, they have donated over 60,000 hours of their time. They do the dirty, hard work of overhauling a steam locomotive week after week with the only reward being self-satisfaction and a meal of “hobo stew.”


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