The 1960 ARR Time Table


While 557 volunteer Lynn Willis was removing the old wooden base for the Fireman's seat box,  two old musty and stained pieces of folded paper were uncovered.  The first was a copy of a line drawing blue print from Southern Pacific for "Typical Oil Firing Installation".   This covered the controls and plumbing for using bunker C fuel.   No. 557 in the early days was a coal burner and noted in early photos with coal in the tender.  Not sure when it was converted to oil but the shop crew borrowed a proven design.

The second document was a 1960 passenger train schedule.   Were both the drawing and schedule dropped in the box in 1960?   The schedule is an interesting read, listing several sections that  as of 2012 are now only a spot on the track.    They became obsolete when steam power was retired,  water and coaling facilities were no longer needed.

If 557 is to roam on long distance trips she will need an auxiliary water and fuel supply, or help from a friendly diesel to get over the road while she just maintains steam for lubrication and controls.   Round trips to Portage or the Palmer Fair grounds and back, are calculated to be within her capabilities.   In the 1960 schedule the distance is about the same, 40-45 miles and time of about 80 minutes.   Either trip would make for an enjoyable ride behind 557 in 2014.   A nap on the way back might be appropriate for those steam fans under 2 years of age.

Get steamed up for Engine 557, she will have places to go.